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Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative

The Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative is a group of professionals working cooperatively to help each other with business and personal issues.  We do this by offering a tiny fraction of our time, or more accurately our "brain power" to help other members who may need it and they in turn are offering to help other members, should they need it - in a kind of "pay forward" system.

We are organizing into small groups, each intended to benefit a specific individual member who we call "the client".  In these small groups, team members brainstorm to confidentially offer ideas, advice, suggestions and sometimes actions to help the client move forward in his or her personal life, business and/or career.

Please consider joining us if you could benefit from having your own team of smart people brainstorming just for you, and if you in turn are willing to help someone else by thinking of ideas and options to help improve their business and life situation.  Also consider joining if you don't need a brain trust team at the moment, but are willing to be considered  as a team member for other members of the cooperative.

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I had a good conversation with Jera last week, and he told me there is a perception that people can just "join" the VBT and suddenly having a team working on their behalf - or in some cases they since
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Hi VBT people,  I am doing some housekeeping and making some changes here.   I pulled that "resource directory" - the technology didn't work as I wanted and until some upgrades are made isn't as usefu
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This initiative is being organized by a small business and has no outside funding source. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

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When you climb a good tree

Symbol of support, cooperation and encouragement

As the logo for this initiative, we have adapted this symbol if support, cooperation and encouragement from the Andinkra of West Africa.  It is from the from the expression "Woforo dua pa a, na yepia wo" meaning "When you climb a good tree, you are given a leg up".  The meaning can be translated as "when you cooperate with others on worthwhile projects, you will get cooperation for yourself".

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